How have cartographers viewed Vilas County?



Guillaume de L'Isle's 1718 Map of the Upper Midwest
may have been the first to identify Lac Vieux Desert


Mitchell's 1755 Map covering Northern Wisconsin
Check out those imaginary islands in Lake Superior!!


Northern Wisconsin on Lewis & Clark's map, published 1814


Cram's 1838 Map covering Vilas County
Drainages well mapped, Sub-continental divide also defined




Tanner's 1839 map shows a sinuous MI/WI border, and it shows misconceptions about the source of the Wisconsin and the drainage of Lac Vieux Desert. Jonathan Carver's claim to much of northwestern Wisconsin includes westernmost Vilas County.



Cram's 1840 Map covering Vilas County:
Lac Vieux Desert finally mapped as the source of the Wisconsin River


Burt's 1847 Map defining the border between Michigan and Wisconsin
The only mapped lakes are those lying on township lines or along the MI/WI border.




1857- The State Survey approaches Vilas County
Railroads proposed for the North Woods



1864- Trails well-marked, waterfalls well-named,
Vilas is a part of Marathon County




1873 Vilas area is part of Lincoln County, WI
Still no towns, still no railroads




1895-Vilas County officially established, Vilas railroads in place
State Line, Wisconsin appears on map as does rail spur to Donaldson