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  • January 2012 - Newsletter
    Land O'Lakes Historical Society has had a busy year. Sudy Ferry Watson and assistants trained 32 dedicated Docents who guided over four hundred visitors from fifteen countries and many states through our expanded exhibit of resorts and fishing guides.

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  • 2009 & 2010 Exhibit: Historic Resorts of Land O' lakes
    It was the late 1930's. The United States and the rest of the world were in the midst of the Great Depression, and ominous winds of war were sweeping through Europe. In the Wisconsin Northwoods, years of logging had left the country cut over and economically depressed.

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  • The Gateway Hotel History by Barbara Nehring
    An energetic radio and theater magnate from Detroit, Michigan, was about to change everything-- not only the history of Land O' Lakes, the old mill town that stood as the entrance to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but the history of the entire area as well.

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Previous Museum Exhibits

  • Guide's Exhibit

    Guide's Exhibit

    A display of lures collected by guides Abe and Ted Eberly from the 1930's on.

  • Historic Archaeology

    Historic Archaeology

    Excavations of a 19th century homestead on the Conserve School campus.

  • Barefoot Charlie

    Barefoot Charlie

    Researched by a team of distinguished attractive local historians.